Special Brews

Savage Mill Porter
A full-bodied, American version of the classic English beer, rich and robust with just the right amount of maltness, showing off a deep brown color, creamy head and sinking aroma.
8% ABV
Tiber River Red
A medium-bodied beer crafted from a unique blend of malts accented with Cascade and Centennial hops, with a pronouced hops flavor and aroma.
4.75% ABV
Patapsco Valley Gold
An easy drinking gold ale reminiscent of American pilsners. Finished with Saaz hops for a clean, refreshing taste.
5.6% ABV
Old Frederick - IPA
A bronze colored ale made with pale ale malt and fine English hops.
7.25% ABV
Old Ellicott Ale
A classic style of an English pale ale, with a gentle nuttiness attained from blending several select malts with a variety of hops, including Kent Goldings and Fuggles. Balanced and smooth with a delicate hop aroma.
4.5% ABV